How healthy is your food?

With over 15,000 pet food formulations in the US market, its hard for the consumer to know the healthiness of the products we are buying.

Pet food products

Most products are marked “holistic” and “fresh” or “veterinary recommended” It doesn’t mean they are good for your pet.

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That’s why we created a scoring system

Pet food nutrition score

We reviewed every product and over 1750 ingredients to help you find the #1 best choice for your budget

Supported by leading nutritional experts, food process scientists, formulation scientists and wellness experts, we created an objective scoring system to make it easy to compare and assess any pet food

Pet food scoring

And a Price Comparison System

Pet food price comparison

Comparing the cost of different food types and packages is impossible unless you love math and are a data nerd. That’s where we come in…

We convert prices for all foods

Price comparison system

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Customized to Each Pet

Every pet is different in size, characteristics, eating behaviors and activity levels. We take all this into account to create a customized package that fits your pet’s needs and your budget too.

Take a Wellness Review

Discover the overall healthiness of your pet’s lifestyle and how much it costs you so you can find out how to do better for the same budget

Wellness rating

Your wellness rating is an indicator of overall wellness and lifestyle quality.

Food is the biggest factor for great wellness! Explore to see how you can increase it.

Most of us don’t what we really spend. This breakdown helps you refine your spending choices. Look out for our suggestions!

Monthly spend

Nutrition Score

A measure of nutritional benefit based on ingredients, formulation, nutritional blend & food processing

Supplement Benefit

Based on formulation and purpose to boost nutrition and support a strong immune system

Parasite Prevention

Taking the necessary steps to avoid known diseases and protect from harmful parasites

Health Maintenance

Taking steps to ensure good oral hygiene, dental health and get ahead of potential health issues

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We take your information, needs and preferences and match that to the best product solutions in our database


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Save 28% on Parasite Prevention

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Based on your answers, the wellness suggestions show where you can make the biggest incremental increase in overall wellness

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Identify how to enhance wellness for your pet

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See where you can save money

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Make the most of your current spend

Create a comprehensive program, including the 4 essential components to overall health and wellness:

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