Pet Awareness Centers

Showcasing ALL Your Local Pet Activities

What’s A PAC?

Pet Awareness Centers were developed to help local pet communities stay connected by allowing pet rescues, shelters, and businesses the ability to reach more people within their communities.

It’s a place where…
Rescues & Shelters can highlight their pets (and any other needs they may have)
Pet Businesses can advertise their specials directly to the public
Pet lovers can find everything they need!

Searching For Adoptable Pets

Showcasing ALL The Local Adoptable Pets

  • Sheltered Pets  Pets for adoption that are just entering the process and most in need

  • Rescued Pets  Adoptable pets available from local rescues and their fosters

  • Adopt-My-Pet  Pets available for adoption from local residents.  A far better option than abandoning your pet at the shelter!

Shopping For Your Pets

Promoting Our Local Pet Business Members

  • Local Promotion  Pet Businesses can Promote & Share when they want!

  • Highlight Employees  Highlight the people that help take care of our pets!

  • Everyone Can Share  Shoppers can Shop & Share what they love!

Become a Check-In FUR Charity® Business Member

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Attending Pet Events

Highlighting Community Pet Events

  • Pet Adoption Events Make your adoption events more

  • Pet Charity Events  Make you charity events more profitable!

Promote before, during and after your next event!


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