Our Story

Who we are and where we are going


As a pet owner on the go,

I wish I had a tool that could help me find what I need,

Wherever I happen to be…

As an advocate for pet rescue,

I am against “puppy mills” and any pet cruelty!

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

As a business coach for more than 20 years,

I had access to the right resources and technology…

As an owner of a rescued pet and adopted myself,

I knew it was my destiny!


Pet Assistant Is Born

Officially, Pet Assistant Inc. was born in October of 2013;

however, like every newborn baby,

we were not ready to make our “mark our spot” in the world!

A couple years later,

A trademark, 2 mobile apps, a tablet app, and two websites,

we are now finally ready!

Pet Awareness Centers 

We wanted to create a place that could be helpful for everyone in town that loves pets.  One place that the public can search locally for everything they, or their pet, need.

By utilizing the latest in social media technology, we created something special that allows all the shelters and rescues to easily showcase their pets, as well as their events, because they need as much local exposure as they can get.

In addition, we wanted to give the local pet businesses an opportunity to highlight their latest deals, or just to engage with everyone socially.  With the price of local advertising, it definitely pays to be part of a PAC!


Check-In FUR Charity®

Our core campaign developed to make it easier for everyone to support rescue pets.  By offering our local business members the opportunity to show up on the app, and incenting the public to check-in and share with them, we are helping raise money for local pets in need.

Utilizing the latest in mobile technology and organizing the pet industry into 8 distinctive categories, it’s never been easier to find exactly what your pet needs, wherever you happen to be.

Check-In FUR Charity® & #HelpSave Pets!

Our Plans

  • Create a more efficient rescue process by working cooperatively with rescue groups, veterinarians, shelters, pet stores and the local pet community.

  • Work with the local shelters and vets to develop an Adopt-My-Pet process to allow the public to safely find their own pet a new local furr-ever home.

  • Create One-Place Where pet lovers can find what they need locally!

  • Make It Easy to Replicate in EVERY CITY!

Special Thanks

iBlossom Marketing Technology – Where do I start, it’s their app, their website design and their latest social media technology, spun off as Social Mosaic, which is the center-point of our socially-based business model.

Santa Clarita Web & IT – For the free web support and web-hosting, along with the occasional tech support!