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Pet Assistant Inc.

A Los Angeles, CA, based non-profit committed to making it easier for communities to support their local animal rescues and shelters.

Our Focus

Raise Awareness

Focusing on Local adoptable pets in need…

Gathering support for those that do priceless deeds!

Our Mission

Raise the Bar

How non-profits adopt the latest in technologies…

Improving engagement throughout their communities!

Our Promise


The more we get, the more you get…

As a public charity, it’s a promise that we won’t forget!

What We Do

We Help Local Pet Communities Work Better Together…

Making it Easier to Fulfill Everyone’s Pet Needs!

Combining DesireTechnology and Ingenuity

How We Are Helping

Pet Awareness Centers

Local Pet Adopting, Shopping & Pet Events…
One Place For Showcasing All The Local Pet Advocacy!


Check-In FUR Charity® 

Raising Money For Pets While You Shop & Adopt…
We’re Making It Easier For EVERYONE To Support Rescued Pets!



Our Promise

100% of your donation will be used to help your local community save more pets!